Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Necklaces- A Form of Jewelry that Is As Old As the Human Species!

Necklaces are a prime part of the jewelry pieces that we own and wear. We can claim the ownership of a variety of necklaces starting from a simple gold necklace to a very sophisticated and expensive diamond necklace. Where a gold necklace would be used on a casual day, a diamond necklace would be a part of our wedding attire! This is in respect to the current scenario.

Necklaces were not an invention of the jewelry designers of the era when precious metals like gold and silver were discovered! Though not in the form of gold and diamond necklaces, the concept of necklaces is 75,000 years old! If you follow the trail of human history, you would find necklaces as a part of their life even when clothing wasn’t! The disparity is just that, in those days necklaces were made of skulls, bones and other animal parts. These necklaces were worn both by men and women.

The invention of metals like gold and silver, however, was the major turning point in the trend of necklaces and other jewelry pieces. Necklaces now became a part of women’s jewelry. Gold necklaces were often seen beautifying women. With increased popularity of diamonds, diamond necklaces occupied a higher position than gold necklaces among the affordable classes. With the growing popularity of necklaces the need for more affordable forms than diamond necklaces aroused and thus, were introduced gemstone necklaces. It was not just the affordability factor but also the immense color splash offered that made gemstone necklaces a favorite of masses and designers.

What can form a better adornment than a dazzling pearl strand crafted out of glossy pearls increasing the elegance of a feminine neck. Pearl necklaces have been part of fashion ever since pearls were invented. Though the trends in their use have undergone tremendous changes, pearls have always acquired a soft spot in every woman’s heart. The current vogue is spectator of the introduction of colorful gemstones in pearl necklaces.

Though men used other jewelry pieces like gold rings and bracelets and also those made of other precious metals, necklaces were not very popular with them. It is with the entry of brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada etc that men’s necklaces started becoming popular again!